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Caliber Long Range Cruisers

Beaufort Yacht Sales is pleased to broker used Caliber Yachts - Long Range Cruisers. We believe that Caliber builds one of the best long range cruisers in the world.

Caliber built a yacht created to meet the rigorous demands of the sea, and the quality-minded sailor. She is an artful combination of swiftness, seaworthiness, durability, exceptional stability and comfort.

The Caliber design. A serious off-shore cruiser with excellent all-around capabilities.

How swiftly a boat sails, how well she handles, and how she weathers the sea are the direct result of her design. At Caliber, our efforts at the drawing board have produced the ideal underbody configuration for Long Distance Cruising, but not at the cost of maneuverability or speed.

The modified fin keel with skeg-hung rudder makes a Caliber exceptionally responsive and quick. And she has outstanding directional stability, which enables her to keep a true course, even through punding seas. Together, these characteristics add up to cruising performance unmatched by racing fin or full-keel designs.

How a Caliber feels is as important as how she sails.
When rough water makes most sailors miserable, a Caliber owner can cruise in comfort, and with confidence.

The Caliber moves more steadily in heavy seas than most boats her size, because she has a greater displacement. Because of her high ballast-to-displacement ratio, the Caliber is very stable, and therefore safe, in rough water.

Furthermore, much of the Caliber's weight is due to her superior construction, and not just added ballast. Caliber uses the time-tested method of hefty, hand-crafted lamination, that provides layer upon layer of strength against tough offshore conditions. That's why a Caliber feels so solid; and why we guarantee our hulls for life against structural defects to the original owner.

For sailors who love a fine boat, there's nothing quite like standing on a Caliber's solid deck, inspecting her sturdy rigging, or exploring her handsomely crafted interior. Experience the Caliber for yourself. Contact us for more information.

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